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High School in Istanbul

Application Form for High School Students

    Increasing brotherhood and communication between Islamic ummah
    Discovering real science with an Islamic perspective
    To be a student in cultural atmosphere of Istanbul, the historical capital of the Ottoman caliphate
    Quran, Hadith, and Risale-i nur teachings which are focusing on sunnah

    The student must be between 14 & 17 years old
    Must have an average of at least 70 in the last academic year
    Must not have a medical condition which hinders his study in Türkiye
    They should not have an addiction cigarettes, social media, games, or smartphones
    Must have a good disciplinary record at school and in public

    Trips to and Islamic programs in different cities throughout Türkiye during midterm and end of term breaks along with national holidays

    Academic and career counseling

    One on one advising for students with professionals (professors, doctors, engineers, architects, imams, and scholars) according to their interests and talents

    Memorization of the Holy Quran
    Memorization of the Hadiths
    Learning tajweed
    Interpretation of the Quran ( Risale-i Nur )
    Teaching fiqh
    Imam and muezzin education

    These classes will be given as extra separate from classes taken at school

    Documents needed from accepted students
    Acceptance letter (can be acquired from any school in Istanbul)
    Certificate of equivalency(available at the Turkish consulate)
    A letter from the student’s guardian allowing them to study in Türkiye
    Student visa (Turkish consulate)
    Birth certificate
    Residency permit (must be acquired at most 10 days since entering the country)


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